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Kennel with a dog
Kennel with a dog
Kennel with a dog
Kennel with a dog
Kennel with a dog
Kennel with a dog

Kennel with a dog

Serial: 146-1
10 USD
on demand

The estimated delivery date: 6 August

Kennel with a sadie dog.

Made of resin.

Sold unpainted!

Assembly required.

Sculpted by Max Suetin.

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This is a fantastic set with terrific detail. The Tiny Furniture "Kennel with a Dog" is a four-piece resin 28mm miniature set, consisting of a shaggy dog, a two-part homemade dog house, and the dog's tiny dog bowl with food. The set is suitable for most genres, typically medieval. The dog itself is an adorable shaggy mutt, lazing around and not aware of the zombie apocalypse. The dog house is on the hand-made side, suitable for a medieval tavern or suburban back lot. The bowl is well-crafted, even coming with a nameplate.

These miniatures are resin, and the sculptor has taken advantage of this to add wonderful details I certainly haven't seen in plastic. The doghouse has bent nails in the wood, a loving name plate for the dog house, and a metal tie to keep the lazy dog from running away, not that it will. The dog bowl itself has a bone, some sort of piece of meat, and its own name plate. The bowl looks on the modern dog bowl side, including a name plate for the dog. The dog itself is laying on its belly on its side, with one of its paws on the side. The detail on the fur is incredible compared to most plastic miniature dogs -- I was able to use a wash to show off the fur, rather than freehand attempting to show the fur texture. (Base is Secret Weapon Miniature's Field of Screams.)

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Awwww!!!! Thank you for this detailed review!!!! ^___^

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