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Some news about shipping delays.

Hello Tinyfurnishers,

some official news from Russian Post here.

As you know all the shipments from Russia were stuck because of aircrafts lockdown from the end of March. Because of these Russian Post transport all the cargos across the ocean by ships. It is much longer than airplanes. Yesterday Russian Post manager reported the estimated delivery time for packages moved to the US, South America, and Canada. They planned to deliver all the shipments to the end of July 2020.
Since the last week, we ship all the orders using another service. They deliver our packages by truck to the Netherlands and then ship it by aircraft worldwide. Hope it will help us to deliver TF stuff faster.

Thank you for your great support and patience for all of these months. We are still alive because of you.

Stay safe!

Tiny Furniture Team.

Shipping delays

Hello Tinyfurnishers,

the situation with the shipping time is still not good. The average time for delivery a package from Russia to Europe or to the US, for now, is about 60-70 days (it was about 20 days before the virus problem). Also, there are no updates in tracking info now. For example: on the 1st of April the package left Russian borders and then only after 50 days we can see the next status - the package arrived at the country of destination.

News about it: https://www.wsj.com/articles/postal-package-deliveries-bogged-down-with-delays-backlogs-11590836400

That is all frustrating for you and for us too.

But we can do nothing about it. We just sculpt, cast, paint miniatures and ship your orders as fast as we can. And waiting for better times of course (registering searching issues on Russian Post website).

We know, that our customers are super-patient and nice people. But now we want to ask you to be even more patient.

Thank you for your orders and for your great support all these five years. We keep on and WILL BE keep on only because of you.


Tiny Furniture Team


After following Tiny_Furniture on Instagram I finally took the plunge and ordered a bunch of painted items. I am so blown away by the quality. To say I’m impressed is a gross understatement. The painting is perfect. I could stare at these items for hours. They will be a major addition to my collection. I’m ordering more. Thank you Tiny_Furniture!!
Slicker 8. From Vancouver Canada, 
It's being a long time I'm looking for order stuff here.
I took the plunge for Christmas and I'm so glad I did !
So cool stuff with a very good quality. No problem on all my order.
And very good communication.
I ordered a lot of stuff for my Mordheim table and I'm sure I'll go back for more projects !
Loïc from France, 
This is a fantastic set with terrific detail. The Tiny Furniture "Kennel with a Dog" is a four-piece resin 28mm miniature set, consisting of a shaggy dog, a two-part homemade dog house, and the dog's tiny dog bowl with food. The set is suitable for most genres, typically medieval. The dog itself is an adorable shaggy mutt, lazing around and not aware of the zombie apocalypse. The dog house is on the hand-made side, suitable for a medieval tavern or suburban back lot. The bowl is well-crafted, even coming with a nameplate.

These miniatures are resin, and the sculptor has taken advantage of this to add wonderful details I certainly haven't seen in plastic. The doghouse has bent nails in the wood, a loving name plate for the dog house, and a metal tie to keep the lazy dog from running away, not that it will. The dog bowl itself has a bone, some sort of piece of meat, and its own name plate. The bowl looks on the modern dog bowl side, including a name plate for the dog. The dog itself is laying on its belly on its side, with one of its paws on the side. The detail on the fur is incredible compared to most plastic miniature dogs -- I was able to use a wash to show off the fur, rather than freehand attempting to show the fur texture. (Base is Secret Weapon Miniature's Field of Screams.)
Super fast service. Seriously, I was expecting a couple of months from the order time to delivery, not a few weeks. I tested the waters with a small order because I wasn't sure about placing an order from Russia. I was worried for nothing as Anastasia is not only a superb artist but a professional business person as well. The "Piles of Skulls" painted are amazing. They will be on my D&D game table this weekend to the terror of my players. Thank you Anastasia and I will be ordering more soon!
Joe of New York, 
I just got my ebay order - Great items and superb detail ! I will definitely be placing another order soon! Very pleased - great service and communication ! Items arrived perfect to me in the US ! Highly recommended !

Thanks Anastasia !
Mike - Captmorgan1670, 
Where to begin...I just finished unpacking and marveling at the incredible work Anastasia does. No, not work, art.
First, I asked her for painted versions of some things that she had not offered painted..the bed four pack, the round table set, the pillories. Not only did she paint them, but provided different color schemes on the beds than her existing 2 sets featuring beds (yes, I will eventually order those sets as well to get a complete bed set...) The level of detail is ASTONISHING! From foam dripping down the side of a mug to bottle labels to color variations on the shields to dirt on the end of the shovel, she has added touches that the pictures on the website and her eBay and ETSY stores simply cannot properly reflect. (Even the bear rug's eyes and nose were glossy).
Yes, it takes some time to get the parcel from Russia (US here) but I cannot stress enough, it is worth the wait.
Order from Tiny Furniture, you will not be disappointed. Far from it, I guarantee any expectations will be surpassed.
I will be ordering again soon.
Nomad Terrain (Kevin B), 
I have ordered twice now from Anastasia: first via eBay and the second direct from her web store. Both ways I've ordered I have been very pleased with the process of obtaining her artwork from her. Note that it does take a bit of time to receive an order but it is very well worth the wait - so be patient. She is very good at posting status of the order via email and will post a tracking number upon shipment which useful via the Russian postal service. I live in the USA and for some reason the tracking numbers have not been visible in the USPS system. Regardless, it is moving through the system. Opening each of her carefully wrapped pieces of artwork was a real treat! Wow! Her paint work is truly stunning! I was showing each piece to my wife and she is as amazed as I am at the level of detail and realism she has put into her art. I then showed her video painting a similar piece (I ordered the bakery set) on Instagram - again - Wow! Thank you Anastasia so much for sharing your work! I'll be back for more!
John M, 
I have ordered several times and love all the pieces! The paint job is awesome and the level of detail is amazing!
Niklas N, 
Love the furniture! I received mine unpainted, as I paint for my own entertainment. And so it matches my overall colour schemes...

5 out of 5 stars. I am buying again!

Pros: Jaw dropping, superior craftsmanship. The level of detail is simply amazing, and can not be fully appreciated in the pictures provided. Casting is done in resin, and while light, has a solid feel to it. These pieces won't break on a short fall.

Cons: There is frequently a divot on the sides that were at the "top" of the molds, where the resin "slumped" as it set. These had to be filled in on many pieces where they would be visible to my my players. A slightly deeper mold may have allowed for this to be sanded out, vice filled, saving time.

Shipping: Very slow. However, shipping is from Russia, to the East Coast of the United States. So a delay is to be expected. I was provided with a Russian tracking number that allowed me to track my order while it was in the Russian post. And it did ship when I was told it would ship.
Matt L, 
Beautiful casts. I've gotten from a number of sellers on ebay and professional casting houses. These are the best casts I've seen, clean, sharp and detailed. A nice heavy resin on most pieces, which makes them feel high quality.
Chris M, 


Urals, Russian Federation

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