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Serial: 144-8
13 USD
on demand

The estimated delivery date: 18 February

Guillotine with a heavy and sharp blade.

Made of resin.

Assembly required.

Dimensions:  50mm x 35mm x 65mm

Sold unpainted!

Devices есть
Torture есть
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Tiny Furniture's "Guillotine" is a multi-piece set, including guillotine, basked, and unfortunate man's head. The miniature may be purchased by itself, or as part of Tiny Furniture's "The Execution Day" set, which includes "1) Gallows and Scaffold, 2) Executioner axe and chopping block, 3) Guillotine, 4) Pillory, 5) Torturer". Both the "Guillotine" and "The Execution Day" miniatures may be purchased unpainted or painted.

Like Tiny Furniture's other miniatures, their guillotine miniature has great details, even having a rope and tie down the side, pully atop the blade, and various metal fasteners. The platform, where the victim would be lain down, is a single piece, rather than hollow, making it less likely to break apart. Assembly is pretty easy. You can even use putty (with superglue) to put the minature together, if you wish to take it apart after play for safer storage.

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