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Serial: 144-9
on demand

The estimated delivery date: 23 February

Wooden pillory for the punishment of Tinyburg citizens.

Dimensions: 23x23x30mm

Made of resin.

Sold unpainted!

Sculpted by Max Suetin.

Devices есть
Torture есть
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Tiny Furniture's "Pillory" is a multi-piece figure, consisting of four pieces, including a tiny lock. The miniature may be purchased by itself, or as part of Tiny Furniture's "The Execution Day" set, which includes "1) Gallows and Scaffold, 2) Executioner axe and chopping block, 3) Guillotine, 4) Pillory, 5) Torturer". Both the "Pillory" and "The Execution Day" miniatures may be purchased unpainted or painted. (The last photo is the professionally painted version.) Like Tiny Furniture's other miniatures, their pillory miniature has great detail, including a small sign and that tiny lock. The model has pretty much no mold lines. Some pieces are attached to sprues. Assembly requires superglue and the pieces are small, but not tricky to glue together.

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