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Bodies on obstacles

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The set of five casualty markers.

Made of resin.

Sold unpainted.

All of our miniatures and props are ideal for use in all 28-35mm tabletop games: D&D, Pathfinder, Star Wars, Fallout, Warhammer, and many others.

Casualty Markers есть

You may wish to first purchase Tiny Furniture's Dead Soldiers #1, Dead Soldier #2, Dead Knights, or Bloody Mess (chopped up dead soldiers) before Bodies on Obstacles, as these sets may be more versatile for gaming, because they're not terrain-dependent. With the Bodies on Obstacles, you may wish to have some sort of matching terrain (eg. stone walls) to use along with them. I still like Bodies on Obstacles for its unique sculptures. In any case, for painting, I had decent lazy results with a brown wash on everything. Basecoat in metallic for metals, brown for wood and clothing, maybe red for cloaks, then wash. The soldier slumped over the wooden barrier comes in two parts, and I did some minor gap-filling with a plastic putty.