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Serial: 147-4
7.5 USD
on demand

The estimated delivery date: 13 June

The out of breath servant handed Angelina the letter and hurried off as not to be seen. She was right where his master had said she would be standing on the corner of the market square next to the vegetable stall. The beautiful young courtesan smiled and coyly brought the envelope to her perfect little nose. Closing her eyes, she breathed in deeply the smell of the young noble’s expensive perfume. Slowly she traced the outline of the family crest in the seal, and abruptly she tore the letter unread into several pieces and threw it into a pile of rotting vegetables that had accumulated nearby.

Height: ~30mm (without a base)

base d - 23mm

Made of resin.

Assembly required.

Sculpted by Evocatus Miniatures.

Sold unpainted!

28-35mm figures есть
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