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Dungeon garbage

Serial: 142-5
on demand

The estimated delivery date: 6 July

If you decide to clean your dungeon , you will find all of this stuff.

Made of resin using some Lady Sabelle molds.

Sold unpainted!

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Tiny Furniture's "Dungeon Garbage" is a seven-piece miniature set of heaps of garbage and medieval junk. The miniatures have excellent detail, with an assortment of garbage suitable for dungeons, city states, and villages. Each heap pile is a collection of smaller distinct items, so don't underestimate the time you should dedicate to painting these miniatures. The miniatures are based on molds from Lady Sabelle Designs. If you're familiar with Hirst Arts, think of Lady Sabelle Designs as molds for accessories, rather than game tiles and buildings. I tracked down these miniatures to Lady Sabelle Designs' "Mold #3 – Rags and Riches", if you have experience with resin and plaster molds.

The contents and a description of the garbage piles are:
* Random: smaller pile of wood, fabric, and pottery.
* Treasure: medium pile with wood barrel, axe, and book.
* Treasure: small pile with urn, skull, and small chest.
* Random: small pile with urn, boot, and wood.
* Residence: medium pile with pitcher, plate, bottle, bread loaf, and wooden chair (?).
* Random: medium pile with plate and wood.
* Gears: medium pile with large gears, ox idol head, and bottle.

The descriptions are just approximate. Certainly you can find whatever you'd like your players to find in these piles. My only nitpick is that the "gears" miniature seems a bit out of place, since most dungeons and medieval settings, other than maybe a mill or clockwork tower, wouldn't have a pile of large gears as debris.

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