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Gipsy and Boris

Serial: 147-17
12 USD
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The estimated delivery date: 13 June

Unhooking the chain the man, with the magnificent black mustache, removed the muzzle from the bear. "Well, Boris, it was a hard day, but now it's time for rest", as he gently stroked the bear behind the ears. Boris shook his massive frame, grateful to be free of the muzzle, and rubbed his warm nose against the man's palm.

Height: ~30mm (without a base)

base d - 23mm

Made of resin.

Assembly required.

Sold unpainted!

28-35mm figures есть
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This beautiful mini-diorama consists of two multipiece miniatures, a bear handler, and the bear. While there is little cleanup, there is a fair amount of assembly. Details are quite good, and the figures even have their weight balanced to show that they are walking. Because of the assembly, eyes on the man, and fur on the bear, I would recommend at least an intermediate skill level or better to put together and paint this miniature.

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