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Hermit (PAINTED)

Serial: 147-15P
31 USD
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The estimated delivery date: 14 September

Ivor, "Old Ivor" to some, comes into town hunched over under the weight of his burden every Sunday. His huge wicker bag is filled to the brim with berries that he collects in the woods. He sets himself up off to the side as not to be in the way of other sellers. Ivor does a fairly brisk business as he sells his berries for a pittance; Ivor is not really interested in making a profit. The reason that Ivor comes to town every week is because he wants to see his estranged daughter. Many years ago she left home, breaking off all contact with him and moved to the city. Her dream was to become a famous actress, working in the city's prestigious theater district. But life had other plans for her; she had fallen on hard times, and now Ivor watches with sadness in his eyes. Seeing his beautiful daughter, dressed as a harlot, attracting customers to a city brothel breaks his heart.

Height: ~30mm (without a base)

Fully painted with acrylic paints.

The base needs to be glued by yourself.

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