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Junk cart
Junk cart
Junk cart
Junk cart

Junk cart

Serial: 244-8
13 USD
on demand

The estimated delivery date: 9 October

The cart made of an old junk car.

The cargo is removable.

Made of resin. 

Assemble needed.

Sold unpainted.

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What's future-retro and full of rust? Why, it's Tiny Furniture's "Junk cart". This post-apoc miniature has the back half of a 1950's car (maybe an Edsel?) and two construction beams to pull it around. Perfect for a game of Fallout. The deck lid of the trunk has been removed, and a big pile of retro-future junk is there, too. This is a multi-piece miniature, with a removable junk pile so you can have an empty junk cart, or put something else in it. Thematically, you will probably want the car and junk rusted, which would make the miniature best for intermediate painters. Beginning painters, of course, can easily paint this miniature, if they prefer to give it a brown wash instead of rust effects. The miniature has pretty much no mold lines, and assembly is easy. Both unpainted and painted versions are available.

The miniature has multiple pieces: two construction beams that serve as handles, the back half of a 1950's car that serves as the back of the car, two different pairs of tires (you only need one for the cart, so the other two can be used as junk or attached to the handles), and a removable block of various retro pieces of junk. The block of junk can be turned around. The junk pile junk are, from most noticable to details : a car door, a tire, a suitcase, a gas can, some gas cylinders, a futuristic case, wooden chests, and some bottles. That's a lot of detail, all of it future-restro-istic. The pieces fit together easily. In the pictures, I use putty.

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