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Medieval shop signs

Serial: 133-7
12 USD
on demand

The estimated delivery date: 6 July

Seven wooden signs for  shops.

Hand cast in high-quality resin at a 30mm scale.
Sold unpainted.
Assembly required.
Some parts need to be removed from sprues.

*Other figurines showed only for scale purposes.

Click here to buy an STL file for self-printing: https://www.myminifactory.com/users/Tiny-Furniture

All of our miniatures and props are ideal for use in all 28-35mm tabletop games: D&D, Pathfinder, Star Wars, Fallout, Warhammer, and many others.

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Cedric Chin

The signs and post have a wooden detail, and the signs even have molded chains from which to hang from the posts. You will have to freehand draw any artwork within the sign, although an easy cheat is to find an already drawn image (search on "medieval shop sign"). I would classify the difficulty of this project somewhere between beginner and intermediate. Painting anything as wood was not difficult, but gluing the small contact areas of the signs to the posts was tricky. Poster putty worked find to temporarily adhere the signs to building walls.

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