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Serial: 147-12
7.5 USD
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The estimated delivery date: 12 July

Brother Gregor stood at the walls of the cathedral and gazed attentively upwards while nervously rubbing the smooth wooden beads of his rosary between his hard-calloused hands. His long journey from his small monastery in the mountains had worn on him more than he thought it would. Three days past his sandals had fallen apart, and he had continued the journey barefoot. His food had run out a day ago. Gregor was exhausted but had urgent business that he needed to speak with the Bishop about. Now he stood patiently awaiting the appearance of the Bishop and soon he joined the rapidly growing crowd that had gathered for the day’s sermon. The appearance of His High Holiness with his golden staff consecrated in Rome renewed Gregor’s strength and determination.

Height: ~30mm (without a base)

base d - 23mm

Made of resin.

Assembly required.

Sculpted by Evocatus Miniatures.

Sold unpainted!

28-35mm figures есть
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