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Old Widow (PAINTED)

Артикул: 147-3P
31 USD
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“I FORBID IT!”, shrieked the Noblewoman. The nearby servants turned their heads and pretended to go about their work. Lowering her voice to a whisper, but not tempering her fury, “ I forbid you to go hunting. Do you not remember the last time you were nearly gored to death?” “But Mother, I” stammered the young Noble. “Go to your studies. Forget going hunting. Forget your silly little whore.” replied the Dowager Duchess, indicating that the conversation was over. “She’s not a whore!”, the young Noble yelled as he stormed away up the stairs to his room.

Height: ~30mm (without a base)

base d - 23mm

Fully painted with acrylic paints by professional artists.

A varnish coat added to avoid scratches in manipulation.

The base needs to be glued by yourself.

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