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Snowman and Christmas gifts

Артикул: 143-1
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Предполагаемый срок поставки: 4 августа

Snowman and some Christmas gift boxes and decorations.

Snowman tall is about 35mm.

Made of resin.

Sold unpainted.

Sculpted by Max Suetin.

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RPG.net review

This miniature itself is a multi-piece snowman, with an assortment of gifts and Christmas stockings. Like other Tiny Furniture miniatures, the set has some wonderful details, particularly the attention paid to the stockings. The snowman has a metal bucket hat, coal eyes, and a carrot nose. The mittens are mismatched, suggesting its playful, childlike creator. The gifts have tiny bows. The stockings are crammed with gifts and detail, with even mended heels on the stockings. The wreath also has tiny detail, such as bells, jingle bells, and a red ribbon. The model is available painted as well as unpainted. The snowman, gifts, and wreath are suitable for beginning-level painters, while the stockings may require some intermediate level of brush control (Tiny Furniture miniatures are, after all, tiny.) You may also want to have a fireplace miniature to attach the stockings too. I've used the fireplace oven from Tiny Furniture's Medieval Bakery set