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Herald (PAINTED)

Serial: 147-8P
31 USD
on demand

The estimated delivery date: 2 January

Leaving the Cathedral’s heavy iron gates to close behind him, the Herald tucked the large scroll with the Bishop’s new decree under his arm and hurried on his way. Taking a shortcut though the back alleys, he quickly headed towards the town’s square. The smell of the market made him glad that had just recently cleaned his jacket. Cleaning it had not been cheap; but the special herbs that the washer used overpowered the smells of city life, and Belinda loved the scent. Stepping quickly to avoid a pool of what was possibly urine and rotting tomatoes, the Herald ascended the stairs. Taking his place and unfolding the scroll, he quickly scanned the text. Clearing his voice, the Herald spoke loud enough to be heard by all.

Height: ~30mm (without a base)

base d - 23mm

Made of resin.

Fully painted with acrylic paints by professional artists.

A varnish coat added to avoid scratches in manipulation.

The base needs to be glued by yourself.

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