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Half a hundred skulls

Serial: 131-3
10 USD
on demand

The estimated delivery date: 18 February

Half a hundred human skulls. It was a violent death a long time ago, I suppose.

Perfect for 28mm scale.

Made of resin.

Sold unpainted!

3-d sculpted by Alex Zigle.

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Skulls есть
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Tiny Furniture's "131-3 : Half hundred of skulls" is over fifty human resin skulls for your 28mm basing and other needs. While the official photos show five ten-skull sprues, I received four fourteen-skull sprues, or fifty-six skulls total. Each skull is a different sculpture, although the differences may only be noticeable when looking closely at the figure. Four skulls on each sprue depict a skull with damage to the back of the head. Skulls, of course, are easy to paint, so this set is easily painted by beginners. If you've painted a skeleton, you should be able to paint this set.

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